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Book on Parallel Port Complete Jan Axelson
Home » » Parallel Port Complete ( Jan Axelson Series)
Parallel Port Complete ( Jan Axelson Series)
Author Jan Axelson.
ISBN-10 81-87972-02-5
ISBN-13 978-81-87972-02-0
Publication Year 2006
Edition First Edition
No of Pages 360
Book Type Soft Cover
Book Includes CD
Price 595.00
Discount 20%
Take Home Price 476.00


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Parallel Port Complete book is for programmers, hardware designers and anyone who uses the PCs parallel port to communicate with printers and other peripheral devices. The tips, tools and examples in this complete reference will save time, spark new ideas for your own projects, and help you make maximum use of all the ports abilities, including the new high-speed, bi-directional modes.
Parallel Port Complete book serves as a practical, hands-on guide to all aspects of the parallel port. Parallel Port Complete book covers hardware and software, including how to design external circuits that connect to the port, as well as how to write programs to control and monitor the port, including both the original and improved port designs. Parallel Port Complete book covers all the ports modes, including the original Centronics-compatible interface and the later Byte, EPP and ECP modes. In addition to explaining what each mode can do and how it accomplishes it, the author Jan Axelson has shown how to select and use each mode on a PC.

Parallel Port Complete book is designed to serve readers with a variety of backgrounds and interests:
  • Programmers will find code examples that show how to use the port in all its modes. If you program in Visual Basic, you can use the routines directly in your programs.
  • For Hardware Designers, there are details about the port circuits and how to interface them to the world outside the PC. The author Jan Axelson covers the ports original design and the many variations and improvements that have evolved. Examples show how to design circuits for reliable data transfers.
  • System Troubleshooters can use the programming techniques and examples for finding and testing ports on a system.
  • Experimenters will find dozens of circuits and code examples, along with explainations and tips for modifying the examples for a particular application.
  • Teachers and students have found the parallel port to be a handy tool for experiments with electronics and computer control. Many of the examples in this book are suitable as school projects. 
  • Last but not least, it explains to Users, or anyone who uses a computer with printers or other devices that connect to the parallel ports, how to add a port, and gives information on cables, port extender and switch boxes.
To demonstrate the different modes, the author Jan Axelson has included Visual-Basic code and simple hardware circuits that emulate peripherals. Because Windows had limited built-in support for the advanced modes, the examples use direct port accesses from applications, using a DLL provided on the disk, which comes along with the book.

Parallel Port Complete book also has a variety of simple applications, such as an interface to an analog-to-digital converter, control of a synchronous serial link, and various ways to use the port to switch power to a load. The examples include schematics, explainations, & program code. 

The author Jan Axelson, explains when to use a low-level device driver to access the port (for hardware interrupts, for example) and the options for drivers, which include buying a control that accesses a generic driver and writing a custom driver.


  • Introduction
  • Essentials
  • Accessing Ports
  • Programming Issues
  • Programming tools
  • Experiments
  • Interfacing
  • Output Applications
  • Input Applications
  • Synchronous Serial Links
  • Real-time Control
  • Modes for Data Transfer
  • Compatibility and Nibble Modes
  • Byte Mode
  • Enhanced Parallel Port : EPP
  • Extended Capabilities Port: ECP
  • PC-to-PC Communications

The definitive handbook on unconventional uses of parallel ports. - Q & A, Electronics Now.
If you need to do any development of parallel port devices or want to get a bit-level understanding of the port's inner workings, I strongly recommend Parallel Port Complete. - Bill Machrone, PC Week.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love it when an author picks a reasonably narrow topic and then covers that topic thoroughly....There's lots of good VB source code that could be ported to the language and operating system of your choice. I've never written a line of VB code and I had no problem following the examples....The book is written in a very readable style and starts off with the basics; you don't have to be a hardware guru to read it....if you think you might ever need to access a parallel port (under any operating system), this book is for you. In fact, I'm trying really hard to think of a reason why I need to make that digital thermometer described in Chapter 9.- Paula Tomlinson, Windows Developer's Journal.

Finding out how the parallel port works and how to control it can prove difficult, even though parallel ports conform to the IEEE-1284 standard. Now, though, you can get just about everything you need to know in one highly useful book that covers the hardware and software considerations of using the parallel port....By the second chapter, the author is already discussing the ways you can access a port and control it....I like a quick start that gets me thinking about my own possible applications....Given the author's clear diagrams and explanations, it shouldn't take you long to wire and test a simple circuit that you can control through the parallel port with VB software....Even if you can't think of a parallel-port application right now, buy the book anyway. You may find that it inspired an idea to take advantage of a port that already exists on your PC. After all, the author has done most of the hardware and software work for you. - Jon Titus, Test & Measurement World.

If you want to learn about PC-based parallel ports, then you need a copy of Jan Axelson's Parallel Port Complete. Good stuff. -Jeff Holtzman, Electronics Now.

An excellent resource for Visual Basic programmers looking to interface hardware through standard ports. Anyone designing hardware to work with a parallel port is well advised to add this book to their library. - Paul G. Schreier, Personal Engineering.

It's been awhile since I've seen a book so practical as this one. Parallel Port Complete is a real keeper! - Joseph Carr, Nuts & Volts.

Jan Axelson

has written dozens of articles for technical publications including Embedded Systems Programming, EDN, and Circuit Cellar. She is the author of USB Complete, Serial Port Complete, and Parallel Port Complete. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

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