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Over the years, Penram has made a name for its professionalism andexcellence in publishing. We have already published number of quality books on various Engineering topics, an area where our publishing program is focused. Currently, we are poised to expand our publishing presence and we invite established as well as prospective authors to be a part of our publishing programme. We offer you the following
  • Excellent editorial and graphic support
  • Best standards and quality in production
  • Innovative strategies in Marketing & sales
  • Value based relationship.
    Dear Author,
    This form has been designed to enable us to evaluate your proposal in appropriate manner.  You may therefore provide the information requested to the maximum. We understand that the information you provide here may undergo some changes as you develop the manuscript.
    Authors's Full Name: *  

    Date of Birth: *
    Affiliation: *
    Designation: *
    Qualifications *
    Courses taught by you and at what level *
    Experience in Teaching: *
    Experience in Industry: *  

    Membership of Professional Bodies : *
    Other books authored by you : *

    Contact Information:

    Telephone: - Office: *


    Telephone Residential *  

    Mobile: *  

    E-mail: *  

    Address for Communication *
    1 Title of the proposed book: *
    2 Approximate number of Chapters and Appendices. Total number of pages: 
    3 Number of Illustrations: Line Diagrams & Photos (Haftone): 
    4 Number of chapters ready
    5 What provoked you to write this book? What are the strengths and unique features your book
    6 As per the course pattern and curriculum please list the major topics that you think are mandatory to be covered by any book on this subject. Does the proposed book cover all of these topics?
    7 Details of the course being taught by you for which the proposed book could be the text:
      a) Course Name:

    b) Course enrolment:
    c) Trend in enrolment, student interests:
    8 Type of the book:
      a) Reference / Research
    b)Text book,
    c) Supplementary reader
    d) Lab manual   
    e) Examination Oriented book
    9 Level of the book:
      a) Undergraduate
    b) Postgraduate
    c) Polytechnic
    d) None of these
    Please give below the readership/market for which you have designed the book, specifying what the primary and secondary markets would be.
    CourseName Duration of Course Year/Semester
      What syllabi have you studied while preparing the manuscript? Please list the universities whose syllabi you have referred in this connection
      To what extent does your manuscript meet the syllabi ?

    Name the courses/Industry for which your book could serve as a reference?

    11 From the list of supplements given below, please mention those that you would be developing as support and add value to your book :
      Supplements for Instructors
  • Solution manual
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Instructor’s manual
  • Additional exercises with solutions
  •   Pedagogical features
  • Self-Assessment Review/Quiz at the    end of each chapters
  • Links to reference material
  • Additional solved examples,practice    problems
  • Real-life projects/case     studies
  • Glossary,
  • Any other
  • What in your opinion would be the    ideal price for the proposed book?
  • What is your estimate of annual sales    at this price?
  • First Year:
  • Second Year:
  • Subsequent Years:
  • 12 Please list the three major books which will compete with your book. Provide a comparison. You may use the parameters listed in the table below.
    Feature Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4
    Place of Publication
    Year of Publication
    No. of Pages
    Approach to the subject (Theoretical/mathematical/ application- based)…please elaborate
    Coverage of the topics (Span and Depth)
    Pedagogical Features (Solved Examples, Theory review questions, practice problems, objective questions, chapter introductions, summary)
    Illustrations (Number and Quality)
    16 Please list below the name, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of three competent persons who, in your opinion, can give a meaningful evaluation of the manuscript.
    We will try to use some reviewers suggested by you along with our own selection of outside reviewers.

      Tel. Number:


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