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Author(s) Bhumika S. Zalavadia
Year of Publication 2016
Edition 1st
Pages 428
Cover Type Soft Cover
Size 7" x 9"
ISBN-13 9788187972600

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About the Book

About The Book

This book covers all the basic concepts of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL (Database Server) and AJAX. It includes programs with the output so that users can execute the program and compare their results with those given in the book. It covers the installation steps of XAMPP and WAMP which are the AMP modules required to test PHP programs. It includes database connectivity of MySQL with PHP because most websites require a database in the backend. It also includes how to process images, which play an important part in making any website attractive. It presents a systematic explanation of each language required in website development, which will serve as a foundation for students or anyone starting out as a professional web designer. Each theory topic is given with a practical example so that users can easily understand the concept and importance of the topic in reality. The book will give readers a solid foundation in the essential topics they will need in order to understand how the pieces of a modern web application fit together.



  1. Introduction To HTML and CSS: Introduction to Web and Protocols. History of HTML. Coding Style and Syntax, and Basic HTML Tags. Working with Images, Linking a Webpage, Creating Lists. Working with Tables and Forms. Division Tags, IDs and Classes. Special Characters. Difference between HTML 4.0 and HTML. A Brief Discussion of HTML 5.0 Tags. Introduction to HTML 5.0 Form Input Type, Elements and Attributes. HTML 5.0 Form Input Type. Form Input Type Elements. HTML 5.0 Video and Audio Tags. Introduction to CSS Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS Text, Font, Margin, Padding and Outline Properties. CSS and Links. CSS Opacity, Background, Border, Dimensions, Positioning and Display Properties. CSS Floating Properties and Map Creation. Differences between CSS2 and CSS3. New Features in CSS3. Test Yourself.

  2. Introduction to JavaScript: Introduction. Embedding JavaScript Code with HTML. JavaScript Syntax. Control Statement in JavaScript. Loops (Iterative Statements) in JavaScript. Array User Defined Functions. The Document Object Model. Working with Form Object. Form Validation. Dialog Box. Status Bar Messages and Window Manipulations. Cookies in JavaScript. Test Yourself.

  3. Introduction To jQuery: IntroductionjQuery Syntax. jQuery Events. Keyboard Events. Form Events. Window Events. Creating Effects. DOM Manipulation with jQuery. DOM Traversal with jQuery. Test Yourself

  4. Working With Basic Building Blocks of PHP: Introduction. A Brief History of PHP. How Does PHP Work? Creating. Saving and Executing PHP Files. Output Statements Echo and Print. Installation of XAMPP and WAMP AMP Modules. PHP Variables. PHP Operators. Operator Precedence. Flow Control Statement. Loops. PHP include or require Statements. Test Yourself.

  5. Working With PHP Arrays and Functions: An Array in PHP. User Defined Functions. Working with String Functions. Mathematical Functions. ATE and Time Functions. Some Useful Functions. File Functions. Test Yourself

  6. User Data Input Through Forms: Input through Form Controls Using Textbox, Textarea, Listbox, Checkbox, Radiobutton, Hidden Field: Submitting Form Values Using $_GET, $_POST and $_REQUEST Array Variables. Combining HTML and PHP Codes on a Single Page. Redirecting the User. Basics of Cookies and Using Cookies for Maintaining Sessions. Using Cookie Variables and Using Cookies for Authentication. Understanding Sessions and Session Variables. Starting a Session, Registering and Modifying Session Variables. Managing User Preferences with Sessions. Basic Input Validation. Pass Data between Web Pages through the URL. PHP Filters. PHP_SELF Variables. mail() Functions. $_SERVER Super Global Array Variable. Test Yourself.

  7. Error Handling In PHP: Different Types of Errors in PHP. Exceptions. Creating Our Own Exception Class. Re-throwing the Exception. Creating a Custom Error Handler. Non Meeting Conditions. Test Yourself.

  8. Images With PHP: Introduction to Graphics Draw (GD) Library. GD Library Functions. Creating a Simple Image with Simple Text. Creating Different Shapes.. Image Cropping. Image Merging. Test Yourself

  9. Working With a Database: Overview of a Database Introduction to MySQL. Creating a Database Using PHPMyAdmin and Console in WAMP. Connecting PHP with MySQL. Inserting a New Record in a Table from HTML Form, Displaying MySQL Table Data in an HTML Table. Search, Update and Delete Operations on MySQL Tables. Storing Images in MySQL Tables, Displaying them on a PHP Page. Storing Image Name in a Table and Real Image in a Folder. Displaying the Image from the Folder. Uploading Different Types of Files. Downloading Different Types of Files. Hosting a Website Using cPanel. Test Yourself.

  10. Introduction To AJAX: Introduction. Why AJAX?. How AJAX Works. XMLHttpRequest Object. First AJAX Program. Get and post with AJAX. AJAX with jQuery. Drawbacks of AJAX. Test Yourself

About the Author

About the author

Ms. Bhumika Zalavadia holds B.E. Computer) and M.Tech (IT) degrees, and has a total of fourteen years experience in the fields of teaching and industry. Currently, she is working as Head of the Department in Computer Engineering at Atmiya Institute of Technology and Science for Diploma Studies, Rajkot, Gujarat, where she is also the coordinator of the Women Development Cell of the institute. Previously she worked at Ruby Infotech, Rajkot for seven years as a developers team leader and developed various Web and desktop applications using different computer languages. She has also worked at T. N. Rao College of Master of Computer Application course as an associate professor for three and a half years. She has written five other books on computers and has published nine research papers in various international journals. She received the Best Researcher of the Year award in 2015 and 2016

Key features

Key features

Diploma & Under Graduate Students of Web Designing and Computer Science Engineering.

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