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Author(s) Alok Jain
Year of Publication 2016
Edition Third Edition
Pages 534
Cover Type Soft Cover
Size 7" x 9"
ISBN-13 978-81-879-7261-7

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About the Book

About The Book

The 3rd edition of the book is intended for a one-semester course on Power Electronics and has been designed for a wide spectrum of technical users, which includes undergraduate students of Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and allied Engineering courses.

The objectives of the book are to provide a clear explanation of the operations of all power semiconductor devices used to control the power systems and show how the devices are used in appropriate conversion circuit and electric drives. With the availability of these power switching devices, the applications of programmable processors and computers in synthesizing the control strategy to meet the conversion specifications widens the scope of power electronics.

The author has tried to cover as many applications as possible and to give sufficient information which can influence practitioners to move towards the design of programmable power systems.




  • Overview of Power Electronics: Introduction, Power Semiconductor Devices, Power Converters, Scope of Power Electronics
  1. Power Semiconductor Devices: Introduction, Power Diodes, Power Transistors, Thyristor Family, Multilayer Bidirectional Devices, Parameters of Power Semiconductor Devices, Fabrication Processes, New Trends in Power Semiconductor Devices, Summary

  2. Triggering Devices, Methods and Circuits: Introduction, Triggering Devices, Thyristor Turn-On Methods, Thyristor Gate Control Circuits, Triac Gate Control Circuits, GTO Gate Control Circuit, BJT Drive Circuits, MOSFET and IGBT Gate Control Circuits, Summary

  3. Commutation and Protection: Introduction, Turn-Off Methods, Commutating Circuits, Protection of Power Semiconductor Devices, Summary

  4. AC-DC Converters: Diode Rectifiers: Introduction, Single-Phase Half-Wave Rectifiers, Single-Phase Full-Wave Rectifiers, Phase Rectifiers, Summary

  5. AC-DC Converters: Phase Controlled Rectifiers: Introduction, Half-Wave Controlled Rectifiers, Full-Wave Controlled Rectifiers, Converter, Three-Phase Controlled Rectifiers, Forced Commutated Controlled Rectifiers, Summary

  6. AC-AC Converters: AC Voltage Controllers and Cycloconverters: Introduction, On-Off AC Voltage Controller, Phase-Angle AC Voltage Controllers, Cycloconverters, Cycloinverter, Summary

  7. DC-DC Converters: Introduction, Step-Down Chopper, Step-Up Chopper, Step-Up and Step-Down Chopper, Classification, DC-DC Switch Mode Regulators, -DC Switch Mode Regulators with Isolation, Summary

  8. DC-AC Converters: Introduction, Voltage-Driven Inverters, Current-Driven Inverters, Sine-Wave Inverters, Square-Wave Inverters, Control of Inverter Output Voltage, Multilevel Inverters, Current-Driven Inverters, Resonant Inverters, Summary

  9. Electric Drives: Introduction, Comparison Between AC and DC Motor Drives, DC Motors, Induction Motors, Synchronous Motors, DC Motor Drives, Induction Motor Drives, Synchronous Motor Drives, Summary

  10. Typical Power Electronics Applications: Introduction, Solid-State Switch, Light Dimmer, Electronic Timer, Electronic Alarm, Crowbar, Battery Charger, Sawtooth Generator, Applications in Industrial Process Control, Power Supply, Programmable Power Electronic Systems, Microcontroller Based Control, DSP Based Control, Fuzzy Logic Control, Summary

  11. Bibliography

  12. Appendices: Fourier Series, Control of Device Temperature and Heat Sink, Specifications of Power Semiconductor Devices, Safe Operating Area of Power Semiconductor Devices, Circuit Breakers, Device Testing

  13. Objective Type Questions and Answers

About the Author

About the author

Alok Jain is presently working as Professor and Head, Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Samrat Ashok Technological Institute, Vidisha, MP, India

He received his Engineering Graduation from  Bhopal University and his Post Graduation from University of Roorkee, during 1988 and 1992, respectively. He has more than two decades of teaching experience in the field of electronics. He was a recipient of Young Scientist Fellowship (Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology, Bhopal) to work at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 1993.

He has reviewed papers for International Conferences and Journals Microprocessors and Micro-systems, Digital Signal Processing published by Elsevier Science. Dr. Jain has co-chaired the session in International conference SCI 2004 held at Orlando, USA. He has published a number of papers in Journals and Proceedings. He is a member of The Institution of Engineers (India), The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, Indian Society for Technical Education, Instrument Society of India, and The Institution of Electrical Engineers, UK.

His fields of interest are Power Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, and Fuzzy Logic.

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Key features

Key features

  • Chapters have been rearranged.
  • New Chapter on Electric Drives has been included
  • Narrative length has been reduced while ensuring the original flow and explanation of concept is not affected.
  • More topics are added such as multilevel inverters.
  • More Solved and Unsolved problems are included.


Undergraduate Engineering Students of Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Mechatronics and allied subjects

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